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A Complete Guide on How to Deposit Fiat on NaijaCrypto

Welcome to Naijacrypto, the exchange with limitless possibilities. By now you must have opened an account with Naijacrypto, done your email verification and look forward to trading your favourite cryptocurrency pairs (if you have not opened an account click Here). That great step starts with first making a coin/fiat deposit from another exchange or making a fiat deposit to your Naijacrypto wallet.

Here are some tips to make you understand fiat deposits better;

  • A fiat deposit is the process of moving Naira (fiat) from your bank account to your Naira wallet on Naijacrypto for subsequent trading. Interesting right?
  • To initiate a fiat deposit, sign into your Naijacrypto account, click on deposit from the array of options on the topmost corner of the exchange, from the list of options, select NGN since you want to deposit Naira.
  • There are three ways to make Naira (fiat) deposit on Naijacrypto; Instant Deposit, Bank Transfer and Paystack.

These three methods of fiat deposit are examined below.

  1. Instant Deposit: This is the first deposit option you find when you get to the fiat deposit page. Here are a few things to note;
  • The instant deposit page provides a unique bank name, bank code, account number and account name.
  • The details provided here are unique to your account and helps to process your deposit request immediately. It can be initiated through a bank transfer on the bank app or over the bank counter.
  • This fiat deposit method is instant; you can however change to the other two options by clicking on the arrow beside the "Instant deposit".

2. Bank Transfer: This deposit method makes use of the usual bank and USSD transfer we use in everyday life via our bank app and mobile phone numbers. These are the important things to note.

  • The details to receive the transfer amount including the bank name, account name and account number are displayed on this bank transfer page.
  • After completing the bank transfer, a clear screenshot of the transaction notification must be uploaded to the upload page provided.
  • Naijacrypto then examines and confirm the transaction, once this is done, it is approved. This deposit method may take some time before it reflects.

3. Paystack: This method of payment is also incorporated into Naijacrypto for easy card payment. Here are things to note:

  • To initiate a fiat deposit through paystack, locate the paystack option and enter the intended deposit amount.
  • A payment gateway is opened, where the necessary card details are provided to facilitate the payment.
  • These details includes ATM's serial number, CSV and ATM pin to authorise the transaction. The payment method reflects instantly.

Now that you have learnt how to make deposits on Naijacrypto, it’s time to make that deposit, place some trades and make some profits.

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Written by: Akeju Abiola




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